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The DesafioRaiaRápida or the “Fast Lane Challenge”, will take place on the 15th of Octoberand have a new format that will stir up the dispute.The meet features four different nations. Swimmers from Brazil, United States, Italy and Argentina will all battle to prove their dominance in the pool.

The event has gained prestige in the international sports calendar by bringing together high-level athletes. Top of the world’s swimmers have already participated such as Bruno Fratus, Felipe França, Nicolas Santos, Guilherme Guido, Anthony Ervin, RolandSchoeman, Cameron Van Der Burgh, FlorentManaudou, Matt Abood, among others.

“I competed at the RaiaRapidain it’s very first two years, and I have to say it was one of the most interesting, exciting, surprisingly painful swimming experiences of my life. In many elite swimming races, you usually have a ballpark idea of who is going to win. But here, there are other variables at play. Stamina obviously, but strategy too.” by Adam Mania

In 2017, women will step in the competition as well. For the very first time, the race will feature both men and women in the same team.


The RaiaRápida pit four swimmers together in battles of 50 back, 50 breast, 50 fly, 50 free, and a 200 meter medley relay.

Theteam has 4 swimmers.

Each member of the team will race a 50m in their main stroke, with the meet ending in a 200m medley relay. Always swimming in their main stroke (butterfly, back, chest or free); swimmers will be vying for points.

The last swimmer in each series is eliminated from the following stage, until there are only two swimmers for the one – one final to set up the winner of the stroke

Shortly after the finals, all swimmers return to the pool for the second round of the challenge: an exciting 4x50m medley relay.

Countries are awarded points on their respective finishes in the individual events. Each series has a score, 3 points for the first place, 2 for the second, 1 for the third and 0 for the fourth placed. The same score works for the relay. Thus, for the team to become the champion it is necessary to get the biggest punctuation in the two phases of the challenge.

10h 10h03 10h06 10h09
10h12 10h15 10h18 10h21 10'
10h31 10h34 10h37 10h40 10'
10h50 11h



Etiene Medeiros

Hellen Moffit

Elena Gemo

Andrea Berrino

João Gomes Jr.

Chuck Katis

Fabio Scozzoli

Facundo Miguelena

Daynara de Paula

Kendyl Stewart

Elena di Liddo

María Belén Díaz

Bruno Fratus

Anthony Ervin

Lorenzo Benatti

Federico Grabich



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